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EuroStar Fenestration
10 Crispin Ct
Suite# 106
Asheville, NC 28803

Tel : 828.209.0377
Fax: 828.209.0378

EuroStar Fenestration is a business with more than 30 years experience in the window, door and specialty millwork industry.  Recognizing the increasing popularity of European Windows, Doors, Glass and Facade products, EuroStar Fenestration specializes in sourcing these specialty products and assisting architects and builders to incorporate them into their design.  While there are numerous advantages to using European Windows and Doors in energy efficiency, construction, capability, design, style, and longevity, these products often create a challenge for prospective buyers in sourcing and integrating them properly into their project.  EuroStar helps bridges this gap by consulting with Architects and Builders on the proper use and operation of European Windows and Doors, sourcing these products from exclusive vendors in Europe, and even providing installation oversight to ensure the window and door products function properly.

Product Categories:
08120 Aluminum Doors + Frames
08200 Wood Doors + Plastic Doors
08260 Sliding Doors, Patio Doors
08300 Specialty Doors + Entry Doors
08550 Wood + Plastic Windows
08710 Door + Window Hardware
08800 Glass, Glazing, Films + Mirrors
08900 Glazed Curtain Wall

Commercial + Residential


Showrooms / Distributors:
European Windows & Doors From Across The World, Next Door To You.
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Green Green Products
Brands / Products:
Tilt Turn Window & Door
 • Homeline - Vinyl Series European Tilt Turn Windows & Doors
 • Innova- Aluminum-Clad Wood Tilt Turn Window & Door Products
 • Safelok- European Windows & Doors with Added Security
 • U-Max- Energy Efficient Window and Door Systems
Glass Facade and Curtain Wall Systems
Residential & Commercial Specialty Glass & Glazing 

Tilt Turn Window & Doors
Facade System
Interior Doors

New Products:
EuroStar Fenestration is proud to introduce a new security window and door series with a patented 10 point “Safelok” (window) and 17- Fold interlocking “Safelok” (door) system.
Safelok Series- European Windows & Doors w/ Added Security

Green Statement/Products:
Most manufacturers have to do everything they can just to get a .23 U-Value, let alone break the .20 barrier.  All of our U-Max series windows are capable of meeting a minimum .22 U-Value and are capable of a U-Value of .15 or less, with some performing to a U-Value as low as .13!
U-Max Series - Energy Saving Solutions

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